Los Millares

Los Millares is a Copper Age settlement in Andalusia. It is situated on a hill, a few kilometers north of Almeria at the confluence of the Rambla de Huechar with the Rio Andarax in southeastern Spain. Los Millares consists of a walled settlement and a cluster of passage tombs and gave the Los Millares culture whose influence was considerable on the cultures of Spain and Portugal, and their names. Los Millares is the place with the largest known Kuppelgrabnekropole (over 100 plants) and thus the only place to find, from the settlement and burial ground is equally known.

The culture of the 3rd and early 2nd millennium BC, built in wine and olives and left a decorated ceramic with symbols that are primarily found in megalithic tombs and dome (after Leisner divided into phases I II).

The settlement covers an area of about five acres and is enclosed by a stone wall about two feet thick, which has semi-circular bastions at irregular intervals. The still little explored settlement contains the foundations of circular huts, mostly lean against the wall, and in the remaining area rectangular house foundations. Four round stone lying on a ridge, at a distance of about 0.8 kilometers. The largest measures about 30 meters in diameter and consists of interconnected dual concentric stone walls and has on the outside also bastions.

To the west lie in round cairn with a mean average of 15 meters around the 100 beehive tombs. Some are vollmegalithisch, others have megalithic walls and corbelled as dry masonry, the always round chambers have partial side chambers made of dry stone masonry. The short courses are often divided into transition and pre-chamber. Some chambers are designed with plates and painted. The buildings yielded rich finds: pottery of the Almeria - type, but whose motives appear with conical (not bulbous ) vessels, ornate goods, especially Symbol Tile (double spirals or oculi eyes idols ), also on different idols of stone, clay and bone, and copper tools and objects made from African ivory and ostrich eggshells. Successor was the El- Argar culture.