Los TNT was an Uruguayan rock ' n' roll band consisting of siblings, Tim ( b. 1936 ), Nelly (* 1941) and Tony Croatto ( 1939-2005 ). The family emigrated in 1946 from Udine, Italy to La Paz, then in 1953 to Montevideo, where the band was formed.

After moving in 1959 to the Argentine Buenos Aires, the group of RCA Records was discovered. Their first single, Eso, Eso, Eso was directly a success in South America, two albums followed. 1962 the band moved to Spain to work there with the label Belter. They were selected by the broadcaster TVE to represent Spain at the Grand Prix Euro Vision 1964. With the ballad Caracola they reached the twelfth. Due to limited success in Spain, the group went back to Argentina. In 1966 it came to the separation, Nelly and Tony made ​​until 1974 as a duo Nelly y Tony music.