Lothar Claesges

Lothar Claesges ( born July 3, 1942 in Krefeld ) is a retired German racing cyclist.

Lothar Claesges, the RC cloud of dust Krefeld went for the club won its great successes as an amateur in the team pursuit on the track. In 1962 he became world champion in this discipline at the Vigorelli track in Milan, together with Ehrenfried Rudolph, Bernd tube and Klaus May; the following year was the German team with Claesges Vice World Champion in Rocourt. In 1964 the German team again winning the title in the compilation of Karl Link, Karl -Heinz Ernst Henrichs and Strict.

At the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964 the German Bahn won four - Gold Quad called - coach Gustav Kilian with Claesges, link, Henrichs and Strictly the gold medal.

Then Claesges came to the pros over to mainly start at six-day race, but was unsuccessful.