Lothar Milde

Lothar Milde ( born November 8, 1934 in Halle ( Saale) ) is a German athlete who - starting for the GDR - at the 1968 Olympic Games won the silver medal in the discus throw. In addition, he came four times at European Championships on medals. He also started in the common German teams at the Olympic Games 1960 ( twelfth ) and 1964 ( in qualifying excreted ).

Successes in detail

Lothar Milde was 1966-1971 captain of the athletics team of the GDR. During his athletic career, since 1963 to the 1980s, he was a member of the District Day of the GDR district hall. After his athletic career, he worked as a machine tool engineer and was a member of the Presidium of the East German Athletics Association DVFL. Later he became a trade union official in the GDR. After the turn he was state chairman of the IG Metall in Saxony- Anhalt.

Lothar Milde competed for the SC Chemie Halle and trained with Lothar Hinz. He was 1.95 m tall in his playing days and weighed 110 kg.

Awards (selection)