Lotta Continua

Lotta continua ( dt, Permanent fight ') was an extra-parliamentary group of the Italian left, which was incurred in connection with the student movement in the fall of 1969.

Its original location had the movement in Turin, where students and workers of the Fiat factories developed an increasingly radical, sometimes militant policy term after the student movement. As of November 1969 there was a newspaper, which also named Lotta continua.

Known members of the group were Adriano Sofri, Marco Revelli, Alexander Langer, Gad Lerner, Erri De Luca, Pietro Giorgio Stefani, Ovidio Bompressi, Paolo Brogi, Marco Boato and Massimo Carlotto. End of the seventies, the group broke up again; many members changed their former political attitude in favor of a moderate, pragmatic understanding of politics and switched to the established parties.