Lottstetten is a municipality in the district of Waldshut in Baden- Württemberg, Germany.

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Geographical Location

Lottstetten located in the extreme south of Baden -Württemberg on the Upper Rhine, about 9 km away from the Rhine Falls. The village is home to the region Unterklettgau.

The community is unique of its geographical location ago in Germany: It is along with the communities Dettighofen and Jestetten the so-called Jestetter Zipfel, the enclosed on a length of 55 km from the border with Switzerland and directly accessible only by road from Germany is.

The Lottstetten railway station is on the railway line Eglisau - Neuhausen and can be reached by rail only on Swiss territory. It is therefore operated by the SBB in the transportation corridor, it is here solely SBB fare.

Neighboring communities

The municipality is bordered to the north by Jestetten, the Swiss municipalities Rheinau and Mart Halen in Zurich Canton in the east, Rüdlingen in the canton of Schaffhausen in the south, and Rafz again in the Canton of Zurich in the West.

Community structure

The municipality includes the villages of Lottstetten Lottstetten, Balm and Nack, the hamlet Dietenberg, the homestead Hardtweghöfe and the houses " Lottstetten Highway, Customs Office " and Nacker mill. Within the area are the villages dialed flash mountain and Gaißberg.


Lottstetten was first mentioned in 827 and was the property of the monastery Rheinau. Lottstetten was part of the country county Unterklettgau. The village changed hands several times before it came to the Grand Duchy of Baden in 1806. Closely related is the history of the place with the Schneller to Lottstetten. A leader in the Baden Revolution was the angel host Joseph White Hair.

Because of the complicated course of the border in this region, the area of Jestetter Strip in 1840 declared a duty-free area, which shortened the to be monitored limit of 55 km to 6 km. The scheme, which lasted until 1935, gave the inhabitants of the area a modest prosperity, they could offer their products but in Baden and Germany and Switzerland free of duty. The temporary emerging smuggling was caused mainly by hard times.

In the district Balm was the eponymous medieval castle Balm, which controlled the Rhine Valley. At the castle Balm the family of Hermann von Sulz lived from the family of the Counts of Sulz, until the destruction of the castle by the Schaffhausen.


Parish council

The council were next to the mayor as chairman twelve members. After the local elections of 7 June 2009 yielded the following distribution of seats (in brackets the change in local elections of 13 June 2004 ):


One of the southernmost wine estates in Germany lies with 47.60 degrees north latitude in the district Nack. It is operated by the family Clauss.


Since 1995 Jürgen Link 's mayor in Lottstetten.


In Lottstetten the monopoly newspaper Südkurier is represented by its offshoot Alb- Bote. For this, the display sheets " WOM " and " Anzeigerhochhaus Rhine " come. Online reports Hierzuland.info on the town and the surrounding villages.