Lotus 33

The Lotus 33 was a Formula 1 racing car, built and used from 1964 to 1967 by British Formula 1 Team Lotus.

The Lotus 33 was an evolution of the Lotus 25, the chassis and the front and rear suspension have been revised to accommodate the new, wider Dunlop tires can. From the mid- season to replace the Lotus 33 to 25 and in 1965 became the defining vehicle of the Formula 1 World Championship.

For the first season of the new 3- liter formula the car nor the 2-liter V8 engine of Climax got as a drive. A V8 engine B.R.M. was installed in some 33. Jim Clark was charged with six victories this season, 1965 World Champion and superior Lotus secured the Constructors' title. 1966 was the 33 competitive Brabham but already clearly inferior. Although Jim Clark won nor the Tasman series, but also the privateers were able to celebrate only a few successes with the 33.

In 1967, following the Monaco Grand Prix, the 33 was replaced by the Lotus 49.