Lotus E21

Kimi Raikkonen at Lotus E21 in testing before the season in Barcelona

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The Lotus E21 is the Formula 1 racing cars of the Lotus F1 team for the Formula 1 season 2013. He is the fourth race cars of the team, since it is owned by Genii Capital and is the twenty-first racing car in the factory Enstone is designed and built; therefore he is called E21. Engine supplier of the vehicle Renault. The Lotus E21 was introduced as the first vehicle in the 2013 season at Enstone on 28 January 2013. The presentation was broadcast live via the Internet platform YouTube.

Technology and Development

The Lotus E21 is the successor to the Lotus E20. The constructed by James Allison car has like the E20 a prominent nose bump, although the FIA the teams the opportunity offered to cover the aesthetic blemish using a so-called Eitelkeitsblende.

The fuel and lubricants for the racing car delivers total. The engine comes, just like the KERS, Renault and has a capacity of more than 550 kW ( ≈ 750 bhp). The magnesium wheels come from OZ Racing, the tire delivers as with all other teams, the Italian manufacturer Pirelli.

Like all Formula 1 cars, the 2013 season is equipped with KERS and DRS to the E21.

The Lotus E21 is an evolution of the previous model. The suspension on the front and rear axles have been radically revised to ensure better aerodynamic possibilities. In addition, front and rear wing have been developed.

During the season, Lotus was testing several times a passive DRS system, but was only used in the Grand Prix of Great Britain in the race. In addition, Lotus developed for the second half of the season, a version with a four-inch ( according to other sources 7.5 cm) longer wheelbase, which was used in training for the Italian Grand Prix for the first time. For this purpose, the angle of the front suspension was changed and uses a slower car's nose and the front wing positioned further forward. Behind the attachment point of the front suspension, the car remained unchanged. The first race of this version took place at the Grand Prix of Korea.

The Grand Prix of Germany Lotus had to change the front suspension of the E21, as these did not meet the Technical Regulations. Take up to three ran with the two lower transverse links, the strut and the handlebar four suspension members at a coupling point together.

Paint and sponsorship

The E21 is painted like its predecessor in black and gold. Through the sponsors Total and Genii Capital of the car also receives red accents. Other sponsors stickers come from a native of the Unilever Group products Rexona and Clear as well as from the energy drink Burn.


At the driver pairing of Lotus nothing was changed, Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean are the season denied. Test driver Jerome D'Ambrosio will be, Nicolas Prost and Davide Valsecchi.

With two races left in the season was taken as a replacement for the injured Raikkonen under contract by Heikki Kovalainen.

Season 2013

The season starts in Australia went well. Kimi Raikkonen won with a two -stop strategy, while its direct competitors chose a three-stop strategy. In the course of the season did not manage another victory, but Raikkonen could reach six second places and one third place. Grosjean reached five times third place, and in the penultimate race, the U.S. Grand Prix, the second place. Kovalainen failed to reach points in his two race participants. At the end of the season Lotus finished fourth in the Constructors' Championship.