Louis Claude Richard

Louis Claude Marie Richard ( born September 19, 1754 Auteuil, France, † June 7, 1821 in Paris) was a French botanist. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Rich. "; earlier was also the abbreviation " LCRich. " in use.

Life and work

Richard comes from a family of scientists; one of his ancestors should have taken care of the Ménagerie of Louis XIV. He traveled in 1781 Guyana and the West Indies, describing, among other things, the orchid genus Liparis.

The German botanist Karl Sigismund Kunth has dedicated he discovered genus Richardia from the family of Araceae Louis Claude Richard.

His son Achille Richard (1794-1852) was also a botanist.


  • Demonstration botaniques, ou analyze du fruit, 1808.
  • Analysis botanique of embryons endorhizes ou Monocotyledones, 1811.
  • De Orchideis europaeis Annotationes ..., 1817.
  • Commentatio botanica de Coniferis et Cycadeis, in 1826.
  • De Musaceis Commentatio botanica ..., edited by his son, 1831st


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