Louis du Couret

Louis du couret (* 1812 in Hüningen, † April 1, 1867 in Cairo ), named Abd ul- Hamid at, was a French adventurer. In recent times, not only his travel experiences, but his whole existence is doubtful, although his works and a biography are listed in library catalogs.

Couret toured in 1834 the countries of the Nile and came to Abyssinia. He returned along the west coast of the Red Sea to Egypt, converted to Islam, the pilgrimage to Mecca and then traveled through Arabia and Persia. There he was thrown by its own account in the dungeon, but could be exempted by bribing a guard.

In 1847 he returned to France. He wrote accounts of his travels, their reliability has been questioned, especially by Heinrich Kiepert. He is said of Drummond Hays " Marocco - its wild tribes and savage animals" written off and its experiences have spent in Morocco as his own in Arabia.

Later, he again went to Egypt, and died there on April 1, 1867.


  • Les mystères du desert. (1859 )
  • L' Arabie heureuse. In Alexandre Dumas ( ed.): Impressions de voyage. (1860 )


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  • Literature ( French)
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  • Travel literature
  • African explorer
  • Frenchman
  • Born in 1812
  • Died in 1867
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