Louis Grodecki

Louis Grodecki ( born July 18, 1910 in Warsaw, † March 28, 1982 in Paris) was a French art historian and author of Polish descent, who is still regarded as a major connoisseur of Romanesque stained glass.


After graduation in 1928 went to Berlin to study with Erwin Piscator directed. In the same year he went to Paris, where he moved from the theater experts on art history in 1929. He studied from 1929 at Henri Focillon and completed his studies in 1933 with a diploma. In 1935, he acquired French citizenship.

In 1949, Louis Grodecki Erwin Panofsky learned at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton know. Louis Grodecki specialized more and more in the glass painting and became one of the greatest connoisseurs of Romanesque stained glass windows.

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