Louis II, Count of Nassau-Weilburg

Louis II of Nassau- Weilburg ( born August 9, 1565 in Weilburg, † November 8, 1627 in Saarbrücken) was Count of Nassau- Weilburg.


Ludwig was the eldest son of Count Albrecht von Nassau- Weilburg Ottweiler and Countess Anna of Nassau- Dillenburg ( 1541-1616 ). His family moved in 1575 from Weilburg to Ottweiler. After his youth training he traveled through Europe, which led him to the French speaking Switzerland, France and also in German princely houses. During his visit to Wilhelm IV of Hesse -Kassel he learns his daughter Anna Maria know and took a liking to her. He married on June 4, 1589th

After Albrecht died on 11 November 1593 whose inheritance was divided among his three sons, Louis received the left bank of the Rhine the reign Ottweiler with Homburg, Kirchheim and Lahr. The brothers Wilhelm ( † November 25, 1597 ) and Johann Casimir († March 29, 1602 ) chose the country because burg, but fell after their death also to Louis. Similarly, Ludwig succeeded his uncle Philip III. of Nassau- Saarbrücken († March 12, 1602 ), and Johann Ludwig of Nassau- Wiesbaden ( † June 9, 1605 ), who was the last of his line. Thus, the entire possession of the walramischen line was incorporated into the Louis hand.

Ludwig moved its seat of government in the Castle Saarbrücken. He issued a number of decrees, took care of a better education of the population (eg through the establishment of the Saarbrücken school or the promotion of elementary schools ), he campaigned for the canalization of the Saar and supported many construction projects. Under his reign, the prosperity of the country increased, but also the beginning of the Thirty Years' War, fell into his reign.

He ordered his registrar Johann Andreae with the order of Saarbrücken archive and the painter Henrich Dors from Altweilnau so to sign off all the tombs of the family, from which in 1632 the significant Epitaphienbuch grew.

Louis had fourteen children, including four sons who survived him and his legacy competed: Wilhelm Ludwig, Johann Ernst Casimir and Otto.


Ludwig II was married on June 4, 1589 Anna Maria of Hesse- Kassel ( 1567-1626 ), daughter of Landgrave Wilhelm IV of Hesse -Kassel.

  • Wilhelm Ludwig (1590-1640) married on November 25, 1615 Anna Amalie of Baden -Durlach (* July 9, 1595, † November 18, 1651 ), daughter of Margrave Georg Friedrich
  • Anna Sabina (1591-1593)
  • Albert (1593-1595)
  • Sophia Amalia (1594-1612)
  • Georg Adolf (1595-1596)
  • Philip (1597-1621)
  • Louise Juliana (1598-1622)
  • Moritz (1599-1601)
  • Ernst Karl (1600-1604)
  • Maria Elisabeth (1602-1626)
  • Johann (1603-1677), Count of Nassau- Idstein
  • Dorothea (1605-1620)
  • Ernst Casimir (1607-1655), Count of Nassau -Weilburg ∞ 1634 Anna Maria von Sayn -Wittgenstein, Countess of Sayn -Wittgenstein- Homburg ( 1610-1656 )
  • Otto (1610-1632)