Louis Joseph, Duke of Guise

Louis Joseph de Lorraine Duc de Guise, the sixth Duke of Angoulême ( * August 7, 1650; † July 30, 1671 in Paris) was a nephew of Henri II, whose marriage remained childless and stood before the Duchy of Guise from 1664 to 1671.


Louis Joseph was the only son of Louis de Lorraine, Duke of Joyeuse and Marie Françoise de Valois. He was raised by his aunt Marie de Lorraine, his mother was ill. Under the direction of " Mademoiselle de Guise ," he received an excellent education. After the death of his father in 1664 he inherited the title Prince de Joinville.

As his uncle's successor as Duke of Guisse he had renovated the family home in Paris and expand the stately residence.

He was a military advisor of King Louis XIV in whose behalf he went to King Charles II of England. There he fell ill on June 18, 1671 and died 12 days later. The funeral music was composed by Marc- Antoine Charpentier, who had previously composed wedding music. His body was transferred to Joinville, where he was buried in the family vault; his heart was buried in the Abbey of Saint -Pierre de Montmartre.


On June 15, 1667 married the 17 -year-old in Saint- Germain -en- Laye Élisabeth Marguerite d' Orléans, Duchesse d' Alençon, ( born December 26, 1646 Paris, † March 17, 1696 in Versailles ) daughter of Gaston de Bourbon, Duke of Orléans. The wedding music was composed by Marc- Antoine Charpentier under whose direction it was also listed in the chapel of the castle of Saint- Germain -en- Laye.

  • François Joseph de Lorraine - Guise ( born August 28, 1670 in Paris, † March 16, 1675 in Paris), Duke of Alençon, Prince de Joinville 9, Duke of Joyeuse