Louis the Blind

Ludwig III. Bosonides, called the Blind (c. 881/882; † June 5 928 in Arles ) from the family of Buviniden was King of Lower Burgundy 887-928, King of the Lombards ( = Italy) 900-905, making it also one of the National kings was, and Roman Emperor 901/902 to 905

He was the son of Boso of Vienne and his wife Ermengard, a daughter of Emperor Louis II of Italy.

After his father's death, he paid homage to the underage heir along with his mother of Emperor Charles the Fat and received from him his heir as a fief. In the same ratio was also Ludwig Karl's successor Arnulf of Carinthia.

Ludwig was also King of the Lombards 900 ( = Italy) and crowned in February 901 by Pope Benedict IV to the Emperor.

905 he was defeated Berengar of Friuli, who made it through glare to blind and drove them out of Italy. Count Hugh of Arles became his successor as King Louis in Lower Regent Burgundy and after his death in 928.

Ludwig was married twice. He completed his first marriage with Anna of Byzantium by 900 (* 886, † before 914 ), daughter of the Byzantine emperor Leo VI, his second 914 with Adelaide of Burgundy, daughter of King Rudolf I of the family of Guelph. .

For every marriage he had a son:

  • From Anna: Charles Constantine ( probably 901 *, † after January 962) 928/930 Count of Vienne
  • From Adelaide: Rudolf ( † after March 19 929 )