Louis the Child

Ludwig IV, the child (* September or October 893 in Altötting; † 20 or September 24, 911 in Frankfurt probably) was the only legitimate and thus legitimate son of the Emperor Arnulf of Carinthia with the Konradinerin Oda. On February 4, 900 Ludwig was collected at the age of six years in the Forchheim king of Ostfrankenreiches. Its crowning glory is the oldest recorded Eastern Frankish royal coronation.


Despite his childish age Louis became the center of political life. However, its own government, he could not train because he was sick very often and therefore physically too weak. Actual rulers, the nobility and the bishops, which suggests that just Ludwigs weak constitution was the reason for his elevation.

His most influential advisers were Bishop Hatto of Mainz and Bishop Solomon III. of Constance. Under their influence, the struggle for supremacy in the tribal Duchy of Franconia before the court against the Frankish king Babenberg in favor of Conradines decided (→ Babenberg feud ) and nephew of Louis Conrad the Younger was appointed Duke. Against the incursions of Hungary Louis did not make the 907 his army was defeated at the Battle of Pressburg.

Ludwig died on 20 or 24 September 911 at the age of 18 years, probably in Frankfurt am Main. With his death went out the line of the East Frankish Carolingian dynasty. In determining a successor to the Dukes decided in the kingdom against the West Frankish king Charles the Simple and chose to Konrad the younger one from their own ranks to the king. Ludwig's final resting place is located in St. Emmeram in Regensburg, where his father Arnulf of Carinthia was buried.