• Rob Brown
  • Sean Booth

LP5 is the well known title of nameless studio album by the British electronic group Autechre. It was released on 13 July 1998 on Warp.

The album has no title, but Warp Records called it " LP5 " because it is the fifth studio album by the duo. A similar strategy was used in the EP " EP7 ". The album, however, was also called on promo copies of " Autechre album" or " Autechre ".


The album leaves stylistically the way full, warm sounds of albums like Tri Repetae for a simple, angular and technical style, which they began on the previous album Chiastic Slide ( 1997) and the Cichlisuite EP.

The album art is again kept very simple: a black- gray clay dominates the album, available in black font rounded top right " autechre " in the corner. It was - as almost every Autechre album - from The Designers Republic designed.


The album a positive rating of 8.4 / 10 points on Pitchfork Media awarded.

In the allmusic album received 4.5 out of 5 stars. The critic Greg Prato wrote:

" Since the tracks are all from the same acoustic fabric woven, it is advisable to listen to the album and all in one piece, but the tracks " Acroyear2, " " Rae, "and" Fold4, Wrap5 " are the definite highlights. Although the album certainly not appeal to everyone, LP5 should be admired, as it is not anything beings or Gewesenen is comparable. Without a doubt a leader. "

Title list

In American and German pressings of the album of the hidden track has a separate 12 track while the silence was shortened for " Drane2 " to three minutes. On vinyl pressings of the hidden track is not included.