LRC (file format)

LRC is a file format for synchronizing lyrics with audio files, such as MP3. If the MP3 file is played on certain MP3 players, the associated text is displayed. Possible use is also on the PC when using conventional player. As a program extension (Currently 15 players are supported and can be used as a karaoke machine ) allows, for example MiniLyrics to track down during playback of the song, the text accompanying the Internet and represent parallel. For some players there can be problems with playback, when the character encoding is not ANSI.


The LRC format is very simple so that it can be easily edited from a song file with TXT files. First Details include the song title and artist. The special, however, is that the pure lyrics Times are prefixed in the form:

[ 00:00.88 ] Joy, beautiful spark of the gods, Daughter of Elysium [ 00:10:16 ] We enter fire imbibed, Heavenly, thy holy. [ 00:19:58 ] Your magic reunites those which strictly divided, [ 00:29:19 ] all men will become brothers Under thy gentle wing. ... In the square brackets, the start times of the rows are stored [ minutes: seconds.hundredths of seconds ], so that the synchronization can be done exactly. Some programs are able to recognize the early days when playing directly and independently to create appropriate LRC files. So easy to become a collection of songs in LRC format.

In addition, can also be specified for each word individually a time value to at matching MP3 players or with the appropriate software single words or passages emphasize:

[ 00:00.88 ] joy < 00:01.66 > beautiful < 00:03:14 > spark of the gods, < 00:05:30 > daughter < 00:06:47 > from < 00:07:16 > Elysium [ 00:10:06 ] We enter fire imbibed, < 00:14.90 > Heavenly, < 00:16.67 > your sanctuary. ... ID Tags with further information can be inserted before the lyrics, although some of these players do not recognize or simply ignore them.

[ar: artist ] [ al: Album of origin of the song ] [ ti: title of the song ] [au: author of the song text ] [length: length of the song ] [by: Author of the LRC file ] [offset: / - total adjustment of the time stamp in milliseconds; Moves forward; - Moves backwards ] [re: The player or editor has been created with the LRC file ] [ ve: Program Version] Web Links

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