LTC Praha

LTC Prague was a Czech ice hockey club from Prague, who is called since 1964 Slavia Prague.

Club history

1903 in sports club Slavia Prague a tennis division called Lawn Tennis Cercle, abbreviated as LTC, was founded. Soon the interest of tennis players at the Bandy was so great that a team was put together. For many years, the club gained little importance, this did not change until 1927 when disgruntled players of Sparta Prague switched to LTC. The ambitious players traveled to Europe and met with Canadian teams, resulting in significantly improved their game. In the summer months the players stayed together and played tennis and football. In the 1930s and 1940s, the LTC Prague was almost unrivaled in Czechoslovakia, and also in Europe was one of the club to the top, but he won seven times the Spengler Cup. After 1948, the club fell out of favor, many players had to leave the Republic or were imprisoned in Communist camps. After playing the LTC Prague in 1951 merged with Tatra Smíchov, only a minor role in 1957 and had to take the course in the second league. 1964 LTC went up in Slavia Prague, the club from which it was originally created.


Club name

1903 LTC Praha, from 1949 Zdar LTC Praha ( Sokol Pražský ), from 1951 Tatra Smíchov

Well-known former players

  • Viktor Lonsmín
  • Josef Trousílek
  • Bohumil Modrý
  • January Peka
  • František Pácalt
  • Mike Buckna
  • Josef Maleček
  • Miroslav Pokorny
  • Alois " Lolek " Cetkovský
  • Jaroslav Citta
  • Jiří Tožička
  • Ladislav Troják
  • Zbynek Peters
  • Vladislav Müller
  • Miroslav Charouzd
  • Václav Roziňák
  • Tomáš Švihovec
  • Karel Stibor
  • Vilibald Šťovík
  • Vladimír Zábrodský
  • Oldrich Zábrodský junior
  • Oldrich Zábrodský senior