LTE International Airways

LTE International Airways S. A. (temporarily LTE Volar ) was a Spanish charter airline based in Palma.


LTE was founded on April 27, 1987, at the suggestion of the Spanish government. Co-founder was LTU, which was the largest German charter airline at this time. From 1993 to May 2001, this was also the sole owner after the other shareholders were paid.

On 24 May 2001, the airline LTU sold to a group of Italian and Spanish businessmen and the Volare Group. The airline was renamed at this point in LTE Volar. 2005, however, the Company received back their current names LTE International Airways. The flying time for the LTE Boeing 757-200 were retired.

Due to acute liquidity shortages put LTE on 17 October 2008 the flight operations.


Before the air operation, the fleet consisted of seven aircraft as of October 2008 from:

  • 7 Airbus A320 -200