Lü Gengsong

Lu Gengsong (Chinese吕耿松, Pinyin Lǚ Gengsong ), (born 7 January 1956 in Hangzhou) is a Chinese civil rights activist and dissident writer.

Lu is a member of the banned China Democracy Party. In his articles Lu is calling for political reforms and focuses on corruption in the Communist Party of China.

The arrest Lu on August 24, 2007 shall be carried " to the Communist Party attacks " in its articles due. The arrest was preceded by the unveiling of the introduction of critical internet author He Weihua in a psychiatric hospital. In a petition to about 180 intellectuals, activists and writers scheduled for the release of a Lus.

Five weeks after his arrest name Lu was formally arrested on 29 September. Police from the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou as a primer called the " inciting subversion of state power". The conjecture that the civil rights of the process is made have been strengthened by it.


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