Lü Xiaojun

Lü Xiaojun (Chinese吕小军, Pinyin Lǚ Xiǎojūn; born July 27, 1984 in Hubei) is a Chinese weightlifter. It was in 2009, 2011 and 2013 world champion at middleweight and 2012 Olympic champion in this weight class.


In his youth, was Lü Xiaojun athlete ( sprinter). Because he was too small to he switched to weightlifting and developed there rapidly becoming a topping lift. He starts for the team of Tianjin.

In 2004 he was in Minsk junior world champion at lightweight with a capacity of 322.5 kg ( 147.5 to 175 ) in a duel against his compatriot Yao Yuewei, 320 kg ( 152.5 to 167.5 ) and Mete Binay of Turkey and 315 kg ( 145-170 ). For the next three years, which served to build up his power assets, no results are known.

In April 2008, he occupied at the Chinese middleweight championship 362 kg ( 163-199 ) the 3rd place behind Li Hongli, 364 kg ( 163-201 ) and Li Shuangzhou 363 kg ( 163-200 ). He missed so only just a starting place at the Olympic Games in Beijing. Instead, he was employed at the Asia Cup 2008 in Kanazawa. There, however, he was not in great shape and had to give his compatriot Lu Chang Liang, 347 kg ( 152-195 ) narrowly beaten in the middleweight 346 kg ( 158-188 ).

In the Chinese Championship 2009, he rose in a duel to 373 kg ( 170-203 ), there was nevertheless of Su Dajin, who scored 374 kg ( 165-209 ), defeated. Along with this lifter he was then employed at the World Championships in Goyang / South Korea at middleweight. In Goyang he set a new world record in the snatch with 174 kg. Together with his performance in pushing of 204 kg he scored in a duel 378 kg, which was also a new world record. The previous world record held Plamen Jeliaskow from Bulgaria with 377 kg. Lü Xiaojun was with his performance against the new world champion Tigran Gevorg Martirosyan of Armenia, to 370 kg ( 170-200 ) came and Su Dajin, the 365 kg ( 165-200 ) was able to repeat his performance from the Chinese Championship not quite.

In the 2010 World Cup in Antalya Tigran Martirosyan was at middleweight again the main competitor of Lü Xiaojun. In tearing Lü managed 170 kg in the second trial and was then sent by his Chinese coaches at the world record weight of 175 kg. But he could not cope with this weight. Martirosjan had torn the meantime 173 kg and was world champion. In pushing Martirosjan failed initially at 200 kg which has been pushed by Lü Xiaojun in first attempt. In his second attempt Martirosjan mastered then 200 kg and took his third attempt 205 kg, at which he did in emissions significantly failed again. Lü then had the opportunity to overtake with 206 kg of beaten to Tigran Martirosyan and to become world champion in single combat and thrusting. Surprisingly, however, he failed twice at that weight each time when ejected. In this duel showed clearly that the state of shock technology, which utilized both lifters, brings great problems in the exhaust with it. Both Lu Xiaojun and Tigran Martirosyan put the used by them weights very slightly by, but both were when ejected twice already over your head exploiting dividend dumbbell not fix because they are either too far ahead or was too far behind the center of gravity and therefore the getting dropped.

2011, Lu Xiaojun in Paris but a world champion again. He reached there in a duel 375 kg ( 170-205 ). With this result, he directed his compatriot Su Dajin, the 372 kg ( 166-206 ) and the Olympic champion of 2008 Sa Jae- hyouk, South Korea, 360 kg ( 157-203 ) to the places.

In 1972 he suffered a surprising defeat at the Chinese Championships in Fuzhan. He scored there in a duel 373 kg ( 172-201 ) and was defeated by Lu Haojie who came to 375 kg ( 175-200 ). At the Olympic Games in London in 2012 but he could return the favor and win the gold medal in front of Lu Haojie. He achieved this in a duel 379 kg ( 175-204 ) and was clearly ahead of Lu Haojie, who only came to 306 kg ( 160-190 ).

Another world title duel reached Lü Xiaojun at the World Championships in 2013 in Wrocław. He erzielete this 380 kg ( 176-204 ). The services in the duel and tearing were present world records.

International success

World Cup individual medals

  • World Championship gold medals: 2009/Reißen, 2010/Stoßen, 2011/Reißen, 2013/Reißen, 2013/Stoßen
  • World Championship silver medals: 2009/Stoßen, 2010/Reißen, 2011/Sto0en

National success

World Records


  • All competitions in the tackle, consisting of tearing and piercing,
  • OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship,
  • Light weight, to 69 kg of body weight,
  • Middleweight, up to 77 kg body weight


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