Lu Xun (Three Kingdoms)

Lu Xun (Chinese陆逊/陆逊, Pinyin Lu Xun, Lu Hsun W.-G. ), formerly Lu Yi (Chinese陆 议/陆 议; * 183, † 245 ), a Chinese general of Wu Dynasty was during the time of the Three Kingdoms.

Military career

Taking Jingzhou

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In the year 208, Sun Quan and Liu defeated Cao Cao For the warlord in the Battle of Chibi, so they stayed its southern expansion and the position of Wu under the Three Kingdoms strengthened. Liu Bei had still not have its own territory. Therefore, Sun Quan gave him the Jingzhou province for the time until Liu would have subjected When the states Ba and Shu. In 219, Liu took a case of Ba - Shu, but refused to return the Jing province. Sun Quan, wondering how he could get back his province.

Lu Xun saw an opportunity to prove himself, and discussed with the current Commander Lu Meng, a plan of the reconquest of Jing. The Shu- commander Guan Yu was famous as a great warrior. He planned at this time a campaign against the North. Because Lu Meng ill and was known Guan Yu's pride that Shu would feel safe and make a surprise attack possible.

Sun Quan was told this idea, and the plan was launched. Lu Xun pretended to take command of the troops. He sent Guan Yu a flattering letter in which he

  • His awe -known to serve as a neighbor such a great general, and
  • Expressed his desire to rely on Guan Yu's fighting skills.

Guan Yu fell for it, and let his guard down. Lu Meng and Lu Xun subsequently conducted a clandestine army to Jingzhou and grabbed the province before Guan Yu realized what was happening. Jingzhou was reclaimed, and Guan Yu was captured and executed.

The Battle of Yiling

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When Liu learned from the case of the Wu- takeover of Jing Province, and the death of Guan Yu, he was enraged. He led an army to the east to reclaim Jing and to avenge his brother in arms. Lu Xun was given command of the Wu army and ordered to repel the attack.

Few generals were satisfied with Lu Xun's command. Many of them were hardened veterans from the days of Sun Ces, whereas Lu Xun was a newcomer and upstart. They coveted, Liu attack When on the march and take advantage of the exhaustion of his troops, but Lu Xun refused because Liu had planned In this and the battle would be too risky. Liu In some troops sent ahead to lure the Wu army into an ambush. The generals called to fight, but Lu Xun suspected a trap and held her back again.

Lu Xun was biding. After a few months he stopped suddenly struck by assuming sent troops with torches to set fire in Liu Bei's camps. Then followed a scathing attack from three sides of all the Wu troops. Liu Bei's army was destroyed, Liu Bei himself fled to the West and died shortly afterwards (223). After this victory, criticized only a few generals Lu Xun, whose strategy had proved victorious.

The Wu army was preparing it before, nachzusetzen the Shu, but Lu Xun noticed that the Wei Emperor Cao Pi would exploit this opportunity to attack Wu. He held back the generals, and really led armies against Wu Wei shortly thereafter into the field.

Later campaigns

Lu Xun had secured his position as commander in chief of the army and also received an advisory position for Sun Quan. This was determined to defeat the commander of Wei, and let one of his regional princes pretend a riot. The Wei - General fell into an ambush of Lu Xun and was defeated.

At a later time undertook Wu a campaign against the North, but one of the major couriers was captured and their plans came to the Wei. Zhuge Jin, one of the generals of the campaign, panicked and asked Lu Xun to instructions for withdrawal. This made ​​no reply, but played chess and planted beans. The confused Zhuge Jin wanted to find out what Lu Xun was doing. This explained to him that the army would fall into chaos in an immediate escape and the enemy would overtake them easily, track and destroy. Through her ​​quiet action, however, the Wei troops would suspect a trick of Lu Xun and feel it, so that Wu himself could then withdraw sorted. This is what happened.

Lu Xun was a highly respected advisor to Sun Quan. He was known for his virtue and humility, as well as for his sharp mind. After Sun Quan had elevated himself to the emperor, he appointed Lu Xun as chancellor.

Inglorious end

Between Sun Quan's sons Sun He ( the heir apparent ) and Sun Ba ( the Prince of Lu) was a dispute about the succession. Lu Xun was reflected on Sun Hes called and asked Sun Quan, Sun He determined to use as Crown Prince, Sun Bas power was a threat to the stability of the kingdom. He sent letter after letter, but they were all ignored. Moreover, he was dismissed from his position and Sun Quan sent him repeatedly officials to blame him. In his grief Lu Xun fell ill and died at the age of 62 years.

He was the father of Lu Yan and Lu Kang. Kang continued his father's legacy and was one of the last great generals of Wu.