Lu Ying-Chi

Lu Ying- Chi (Chinese卢 映 锜, Pinyin County Louth Ying Qi, born April 6, 1985 in Pingtung, Taiwan) is an internationally successful Taiwanese weightlifter and Olympic participant.

In the 63- kg class of women she won at the World Championships in 2006 in Santo Domingo, the 8th place with a duel - rating of 215 kg, which means place 18 years in the world top list; while it reached 95 kg in the snatch and 120 kg in the thrusting. At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing she competed for the team Chinese Taipei and won with 231 kg ( = 104 kg 127 kg ) in single combat the bronze medal.

The Weightlifting World Championships 2009 in Goyang, Korea, they scored 218 kg for the duel rating (98 kg 120 kg ) that finished 14th place.