Luanping County

Circle Luanping (滦平县; Pinyin: Luanping Xiàn ) is a the district of the city Chengde (formerly Jehol, deer热河) in the north of Hebei Province. It has an area of 3,195 or 3213 km ² and has 320,000 inhabitants ( 2004). Its main town is the large village Luanping (滦平 镇).

The Great Wall in Jinshanling section ( Jinshanling Changcheng金山岭 长城) Open since 1988 on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China ( 3-58 ).

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, the circuit is composed of seven large municipalities and fourteen municipalities ( ten of the national minority Manchu ) together. These are:

  • Greater community Luanping滦平 镇
  • Greater community Changshanyu长 山 峪 镇
  • Greater community Hongqi红旗 镇
  • Greater community Jingoutun金 沟 屯镇
  • Greater community Hushiha虎 什哈 镇
  • Greater community Baikeshi巴克什 营镇
  • Greater community Zhangbailuan张 百 湾镇
  • Community Pingfang the Manchu平 坊 满族 乡
  • Community Anchungou the Manchu安 纯 沟 门 满族 乡
  • Community Xidi the Manchu西 地 满族 乡
  • Community Fuyingzi付营子 乡
  • Xiaoying community of the Manchu小 营 满族 乡
  • Community Xigou the Manchu西沟 满族 乡
  • Community Dengchang the Manchu邓 厂 满族 乡
  • Community Wudaoyingzi the Manchu五 道 营 子 满族 乡
  • Community Mayingzi the Manchu马营子 满族 乡
  • Community Fujiadian the Manchu付 家店 满族 乡
  • Community Huodoushan the Manchu火 斗 山 满族 乡
  • Community Liangjianfang两间房 乡
  • Community Laowa涝洼 乡
  • Community Chenzhazi陈 栅 子 乡
  • Community Datun the Manchu大屯 满族 乡