Luba, Equatorial Guinea


(Referred to the Spanish colonial era San Carlos ) Luba is a city in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea on the island of Bioko.


It lies on the west coast of the island in the province of Bioko Sur, whose provincial capital is below of volcanic peaks. The volcanoes are up to 2260 meters high and probably last erupted in the Holocene. The city itself is located at an altitude of 181 meters above sea level.


The town has 8,378 inhabitants ( 2007 calculation ), making it the second largest city on the island of Bioko.

Population development:


The city can be reached by car on the road that leads from Malabo to Luba. From here, there are other compounds, both by Riaba in the east as well, since 2013, according to Ureka in the far south.

Lately, a new port was opened with deeper draft, which now includes oil vessels allowed to create it. The city's attractions are the beaches and a hospital in colonial style.