Luc Besson

Luc Besson ( born March 18, 1959 in Paris ) is a French film director, film producer and author.


The first years of his life traveling Luc Besson with his parents, who worked as an instructor to the world and lived during his childhood time in Italy, Yugoslavia and Greece. Even as a teenager, he wrote the first drafts of the screenplay of The Big Blue and, at 16, the first novel The Fifth Element, which he successfully filmed years later.

As a teenager, but Besson wanted to be a marine biologist. A diving accident with 17 made ​​this career goal unattainable. He moved to Paris and began to care for the medium film. He soon found that he was able to bring all his interests expressed. Besson moved for three years to America to become familiar with the local filmmaking. Then he returned to France and founded his own production company, Les Films de Loups (today: Les Films de dauphin ).

Besson often collaborates with the actors Jean Reno and Gary Oldman, the music for his films usually written Éric Serra. Many of his productions of screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen is involved.

Luc Besson is married for the third time and the father of five daughters. In his first marriage he was married to the actress Anne Parillaud, who starred in his film Nikita, the main role. With her ​​he had a daughter. From a relationship with Maïwenn Le Besco originates daughter Shana (* 1993), which was in 2004 made ​​her film debut as a child actress. His second wife (1997-1999) he was married to model and actress Milla Jovovich. In his third marriage Besson married Virginie Silla with since 2004, with whom he has three daughters.

In 2000 he founded together with Pierre- Ange Le Pogam the film production company EuropaCorp.

On 11 September 2006 Besson announced to retire after Arthur and the Minimoys from the film business and want to take care of young people in the banlieues future. Already at the beginning of his career he had set out to want to realize no more than ten films as a director.

In 2009 he exhibited for the International Environment Day on June 5, his new film Home before, which he produced together with the French photographer Yann Arthus- Bertrand. For the public, free at many different places public screenings were held on that day and the film was made ​​available on YouTube for free.



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