Luc Bondy

Luc Bondy ( born July 17, 1948 in Zurich ) is a Swiss film director.


Luc Bondy comes from a well-known theater and literary family; He is the son of literary critic François Bondy; his grandfather was the author and playwright NO Scarpi.

Trained in Paris at the mime Jacques Lecoq, in 1969 he received an appointment as assistant director at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, where he among other things, assisted with Gustav Manker. Until the mid- 1970s at various major German theaters he then brought out acclaimed productions. In 1985, he took over after the resignation of Peter Stein's surprisingly the management of the Berlin stage. Bondy has staged at the Salzburg Festival.

Luc Bondy was from 1998, Acting Director and 2002-2013 director of the Vienna Festival.

Important productions


Narrative works

  • 2005: My Dibbuks - Haunted Dreams, Zsolnay Verlag, Vienna 2005 ISBN 978-3-552-05357-1
  • 2009: At the Window, Roman, Zsolnay Verlag, Vienna 2009 ISBN 978-3-552-05472-1