Luca Badoer

Luca Badoer ( born January 25, 1971 in Montebelluna ) is an Italian race car driver. He started 1993-2009 in 51 Grand Prix to the Formula 1 World Championship. Badoer scored in any of his Formula 1 racing world championship points and thus holds the record for the most races without points placement. From 1998 to 2010 Badoer was the official test driver of Italian tradition Team Ferrari. In 2009 he replaced the injured Felipe Massa as a Grand Prix driver of the Scuderia for race two.

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Beginnings in motorsport

Badoer began his motorsport career in karting in 1985, the position he held until 1988. Among other things, he was the 1987 and 1988 Italian karting champion. In 1989 he was in two races of the Italian Formula 3 Championship debut in Formula racing. After the Italians had occupied in 1990 by winning the 10th overall, he was in 1991 with three wins fourth in the overall standings. In 1992, Badoer in the Formula 3000 and launched for the Italian team Crypton Engineering. He won four out of ten races and secured the championship title of the formula 3,000.

Formula 1

1993 Badoer debuted in Formula 1 racing teams had some interest in signing Badoers logged Before the season starts, especially the British Team Tyrrell, which the Italians offered a five- year contract. Badoer decided, however, for the Italian team BMS Scuderia Italia, who was going through a difficult year with a non- competitive car. With the Lola -built, much too heavy chassis, which also was not rigid enough, had Badoer as well as his team-mate, the much more experienced Michele Alboreto, considerable problems. Badoer made ​​his debut at the Grand Prix of South Africa, but could neither there nor in time at the following points race. His best finish was a seventh place, so he at least chose the team-internal duel against Alboreto for themselves. When the BMS team completed two races left in the season the gates stood Badoer as without racing cockpit.

In 1994, a test driver Badoer at the Italian Minardi team. After his former team-mate Alboreto had ended his Formula 1 career to the end of the season, Badoer was the Minardi cockpit for the season 1995. Though he reached in some races a place in the top ten pilots, however, he succeeded again not to score points. In 1996, Badoer to Forti. He failed in four races at the 107- percent rule, a new qualifying format, which excluded those drivers from the race entry, the lap times was more than 107 percent of the fastest driver. At the races in which he was able to attend, he stopped again with no points. Because of financial problems had Forti season prematurely and Badoer initially left the Formula 1

In 1997, he stepped up to seven races in the FIA GT Championship and remained here without points. For the 1998 season, he was taken by Ferrari as a Formula 1 test driver under contract. After 1998 no race contested, he returned in 1999 - parallel to his commitment as a test driver - for Minardi as a race driver in Formula 1 back. After Michael Schumacher broke his right leg during the first round of the Grand Prix of Great Britain at Silverstone to Badoer legitimate hopes to be Schumacher's replacement pilot made. However, the Scuderia from Maranello decided against their test driver, who was always the substitute drivers generally, and for the Finn Mika Salo. Jean Alesi, the first of the cockpit had been offered, criticized his former team for the decision against Badoer. At the European Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, it looked a long time for a decent result for Badoer: Up to 13 laps to Badoer was on an unfamiliar Minardi for fourth place. However, there was a gearbox failure on his Minardi and he had to finish the race. Ironically benefited his team-mate Marc Gene, who was initially seventh, of Badoers failure and took the first points for Minardi in the season.

After he had received no race seat for next season, to Badoer focused on his job as a test replacement driver at Ferrari. In his time as a Ferrari test driver eight times won the Constructors' World Championship title. In addition to its operations as a test driver, he was allowed in 2006 show at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Turin in a Formula 1 Ferrari some burn- outs.

After the serious accident of Felipe Massa 26 July 2009 at the Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring and the cancellation of Michael Schumacher Badoer was nominated on 11 August of the Scuderia Ferrari as a replacement driver for the European Grand Prix at the Valencia Street Circuit. He returned thus, after almost ten years without racing as an active driver in Formula 1 back. He also became the first Italian Ferrari driver for 15 years. At Friday's training, he added an unusual record when he drove four times too fast in the pit lane. In the race he was overtaken in the pits from the Formula 1 rookie Romain Grosjean before he finished the race in second to last. In the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa- Francorchamps, which his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen could win, he finished last. The Italians remained the whole race a chance at the end of the field, but scored with the help of a flat set front wing repeatedly set the fastest time in the first sector. Badoer suffered under the former Test Regulations, prohibiting the driving test during the season, and thus it had no racing practice. Because of the disappointing performances he was replaced after these two races by his compatriot Giancarlo Fisichella. After the end of the 2010 season ended after 13 years Badoers time as a test pilot at Ferrari.


Badoer holds the worst record to be the one pilot with the most Grand Prix starts (51 ), who never scored a world championship point. However, it must be mentioned that he would not confirm this negative record if had existed in the 1990s, a different scoring system. So Badoer would have accrued after the Formula 1 points system 2003-2009 five points; according to the points system, which is used since 2010, there would be 26 points.


Career stations

  • 2004: Formula 1 ( test driver )
  • 2005: Formula 1 ( test driver )
  • 2006: Formula 1 ( test driver )
  • 2007: Formula 1 ( test driver )
  • 2008: Formula 1 ( test driver )
  • 2009: Formula 1 ( 25th place )
  • 2010: Formula 1 ( test driver )

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