Luca Fusi

Luca Fusi ( born June 7, 1963 in Lecco ) is a retired Italian footballer and current coach. He played among other things, for Sampdoria, Napoli, Torino Calcio and Juventus. He also participated with the Italian national football team at the European Football Championship 1988 in Germany.

Playing career

Club career

Luca Fusi, born in 1963 in northern Italy Lecco in Lombardy, began playing football at FC Como, nowadays under the name Como Calcio known. There Luca Fusi was, who acted in the position of a midfield player, active from 1981 to 1986 and during this time made ​​125 league appearances for the Northern Italians, where he scored five goals. Most of these games he made during the Serie A, in the Como after relegation in Fusis first 1981/82 season in Serie B was in 1983/84 went up again. As a climber you could establish in a row and finished second in the two years in which Luca Fusi still stayed in Como, each having a mid-table. In the summer of 1986 Luca Fusi left the FC Como and joined Sampdoria Genoa, sixty league games of the Serie A where he made in the following two years in the league rankings in the top third of the table were always attained until 1988. His biggest success in the jersey of Sampdoria could Luca Fusi celebrate, as in the season 1987/88 Coppa Italia won by a final victory against Torino Calcio.

Despite the success with Sampdoria Luca Fusi moved to season 1988/89 once again the club and went to the south of Italy to Napoli, who was then on a flight of fancy. With the great Neapolitan team to Diego Maradona, Careca and Andrea Carnevale Luca Fusi won in his first season in the UEFA Cup 1988/89. Once in the tournament PAOK Thessaloniki, the first locomotive Leipzig FC, ​​Girondins Bordeaux, Juventus and Bayern Munich were defeated, they met in the final to VfB Stuttgart. The first leg at the Stadio San Paolo obtained before over 80,000 spectators 2-1 in the return match in Stuttgart, the team of coach Ottavio Bianchi won 3-3, which brought victory in the UEFA Cup with them. Luca Fusi was used in the final two games of the entire season in the middle of the SSC, a goal he did not succeed.

In league play was the time in Naples for Luca Fusi quite successful. After a second place in the 1988/89 season was one in Serie A 1989/90 for the second time since 1987 the first of what today is the last Championship for Napoli. It ranked first with two points clear of AC Milan was occupied. Luca Fusi played in a total of sixty league appearances for Napoli, scoring two goals. In the summer of 1990 he left the club and went to Turin to Torino Calcio. There Fusi was active until the year 1994. With Torino Fusi won in the 1992/ 93 Coppa Italia with a win in the final against AS Roma. In addition to winning the Mitropa Cup in 1991 Fusi moved with Torino also entered the final of the UEFA Cup in 1991/92, but was defeated Ajax Amsterdam.

After 119 league appearances in dress from Torino Calcio Luca Fusi moved in 1994 within the Turin club and signed a contract with Juventus. For Juventus Fusi only came in ten league games for use, but once won the championship once and the Italian Cup. After two years at Juventus Luca Fusi went to Switzerland to be there end his career with FC Lugano.


Luca Fusi came between 1988 and 1992 to a total of eight international matches in the Italian national football team. From Azeglio Vicini coach he was nominated for the European Football Championship 1988. The Italian team's different here from the semi-final against the Soviet Union after it was occupied in the first round of the second rank behind Germany, but ahead of Spain and Denmark. Luca Fusi was not used during the tournament.

Coaching career

After the end of his time as an active soccer player Luca Fusi was coach. Once, he served as a youth coach at Atalanta Bergamo and as coach of the second team of AC Cesena few years, he took over in 2007 when unterklassigen club AC Bellaria Igea Marina his first office as chief responsibility for trainers. Later he coached even Real Marcianise and Foligno Calcio to exposure to higher-class leagues handed it previously. Since October 2013 Fusi 's Coach of the fourth division Castel Rigone.