Lucian Pulvermacher

Lucian Pulvermacher, born Earl Pulvermacher, ( born April 20, 1918 in Bakersville, Wisconsin, † 30 November 2009) was the leader of the so-called True Catholic Church, a sedisvakantistischen community that is particularly common in the northern United States.

He claimed to Pope Pius XIII. the first and only legitimate pope since the death of Pius XII. to be in 1958, and claimed that with his appointment as "pope" in 1998 had gone forty years Sedisvakanz to an end.

Pulvermacher occurred on 28 August 1942 in the Capuchin Order and was ordained a priest on June 5, 1946. In the Capuchins, he was named Lucian.

1947/48 he was a priest in the temporary Francis Parish Convent in Milwaukee. From 1948 to 1970 he worked as a missionary in the Ryukyu Islands (Japan), then to 1976 in Australia. After his return from Australia in January 1976, he took the view that the pontificates of Popes John XXIII. and Paul VI. were unlawful.

On 24 October 1998, held in a small town in Montana by some lay a " conclave ", which Pulvermacher, the only candidate, chose the " Pope." The year 1998 was chosen because at this time all of Pius XII. appointed and thus in powder maker eyes " legitimate " Cardinals had died and thus the " whole of Christendom ", ie the followers powder maker, was eligible to vote.

Pulvermacher claimed the bishop status, but was never consecrated by a bishop to be regarded as valid in the Catholic sense of man as bishop. He is not so in the apostolic succession.

Reports, Pulvermacher had died on 11 January 2006 in Utah, proved to be false. According to the report of a Capuchin friar from powder maker former province of the order, he died on November 30, 2009.