Lucien Petit-Breton

Lucien Mazan ( born October 18, 1882 in Plessé, † December 20, 1917 in Troyes ) was a French cyclist. He is best known under the name of Petit- Breton ( small Breton ). In addition, it was called " the elegant Argentines ".


The family of Lucien Mazan emigrated to Argentina when he was two years old. In a lottery, he won his first road bike. His father, however, was against an athletic career of his son, because he was of the opinion cyclist resembled circus clowns. For this reason, Mazan put the name "Breton" after his home, Brittany, too. His first successes came on the track. So he was at the age of 17 years Argentinian Track Cycling Champion. 1905 - his father approved of the sport now - he exhibited in the U.S. city of Buffalo with 41.110 kilometers, a new world hour record, and excited the first time an international sensation.

Mazan moved with his parents back to France in Brittany, where he lived in Poudrantais; in Vallet he married. He became a professional cyclist. However, this required a name change, as it already was a racing driver named Breton in France; he was given the " Petit ".

The "little Breton ", which is the first time trial specialist, was in the heroic era of cycling to the best drivers ever. On the ninth stage of the Tour de France 1907, he sat down by a 250- kilometer solo flight between Bayonne and Bordeaux to the top of the overall standings. He took over the leadership of Emile Georget, his comrade from the Peugeot team, and did not let off until the end of the tour in Paris. In 1908, he had little to fear competition. He started back in the Peugeot team, took the lead on the second stage and could keep them. The Peugeot team won all the stages of this tour. With this victory Mazan was the first double winner of the fledgling Tour de France.

In the years 1906-1908, at the height of his career, he also won another famous cycling race such as the classic Milan - Sanremo and Paris -Tours. After he did not compete in the Tour de France in 1909, he could not build on its previous successes in the following years.

In World War Petit- Breton was hit on the Ardennes front of a truck. He succumbed to his injuries at the age of 35 years and is buried in Pénestin.


In Brittany, you can still find many traces that point to Mazan. " Maison natale de Lucien Mazan - Vainqueur de Tour de France 1907 et 1908 " Such a plaque with the inscription was at his birthplace in Plessé fixed and baptized in place a road on the name " Rue Petit Breton".

In St. Herblain (not to be confused with Saint- Herblain ), a western suburb of Nantes, is the " Vélodrome Petit- Breton". This former velodrome Rugby is played today. The Oval is a sporting venue, donated by the Argentine cycling federation memorial stone in honor Mazans.

In Pénestin today is the association " Les amis de Petit- Breton" resident tries to save his memory, and in the village of Vallet a type of wine was named after him.

Placings in the Tour de France