Lucilla Agosti

Lucilla Agosti ( born September 8, 1978 in Milan ) is an Italian actress, show host and presenter.

Life and career

Lucilla Agosti has a younger sister named Cecilia.

Agosti began her career as an actress in a production of the famous comedy La Strana coppia by Neil Simon. Later she moved to Rome, where she worked in Cinecittà and was attending one of the first auditions for Rete A. She got a job as host of the music show Azzurro. In summer 2004, Agosti moderated some evenings live on stage all Maine Stage ' of Arezzo Wave Love Festival and the last night of the competition Voci Domani. She also moderates Space Girls for the transmitter Happy Channel Guelfi and Ghibellines e for Rai 2 and also appeared as a guest on an episode of the sitcom in Camara Café. After the new release of All Music, she hosted instead of the music show Azzuro fashion Show All Moda. She received both roles in short films and in feature films. She played in films such as La febbre (2005) by Alessandro D' Alatri, Il mercante di pietre (2006) by Renzo Martinelli or Il seme della discordia (2008) by Daddy Corsicato. She got a role in the short films Parole Rubate (2004) and Divini incontri d ' orgasmo (2005 ), directed by Barbara Caggiati. She also moderates further parts of the consignment All Music, in which she accompanied among other classifica di ..., in which she interviewed the participants to find out their taste in music and Flycase invited musicians in discovering the cultural and musical side of a country. She also moderates the shipment tutti nudi, where she dressed as a geisha performances by amateur strippers explained. In the broadcast All Music participates together with Marcello Macchia also on the soap opera made ​​Intralci, a parody of soap operas Sentieri and Beautiful. In 2007, she co-starred with Alessandro Besentini and Francesco Villa in the title role in the show Buona la prima on Italia 1 In the same year she also started the mission RMC Radio Monte Carlo Magazine for moderating. In early 2008, she accompanied Elio e le Storie Tese in the show DopoFestival in connection with the Festival di Sanremo. In All Music she became the leading lady of the new comedy talk show Bionda anomala. It was also committed to the presentation of the event Festivalbar 2008, but which do not take place. In April 2009, she hosted the talent show Italian Academy 2 on Rai due and the following year she took as an inspector Barbara Rostagno in the mission of the Polizia Distretto part 10.

On 31 January 2011 Agosti brought Milan to a daughter. Father of the child is her fiance Andrea Romiti.

Filmography (selection)

  • 2000: La Fabbrica del vapore
  • 2005: La febbre
  • 2006: Il mercante di pietre
  • 2008: Il seme della discordia