Lucius Volusius Saturninus (suffect consul 12 BC)

Lucius Saturninus Volusius (c. 60 BC; † 20) was a Roman politician and senator.

The father of Saturninus was Quintus Volusius, who as prefect in Cilicia in the service of Marcus Tullius Cicero. He came from an old praetorian family. Saturninus ' wife was Nonia Pollia, which belonged to the rapidly growing family of up Nonii Asprenates. His son of the same was n in year 3 BC Suffektkonsul. His daughter was Cornelia.

In 12 BC, Saturninus was Suffektkonsul. As a triumvir turmis equitum recognoscendis he got from Augustus commissioned to survey the knighthood. Between 11 BC and 2 AD (maybe 7/6 BC) was Saturninus the proconsul of the province of Africa, after about 4/5 AD legate of the province of Syria.