Lučko Anti-Terrorist Unit

ATJ Lučko (Croatian: Antiteroristička jedinica Lučko, German: Anti- terrorist unit Lučko ) is a special unit of the Croatian police force, which is stationed in Lučko near Zagreb. The unit was established on 7 September 1990 and was the first unit in Croatian Croatian War.

In the course of the war had the unit 350 members, including 13 members died and 52 were injured. Today the unit has 130 members.

Areas of responsibility

The tasks of the ATJ Lučko include hostage rescue and counter-terrorism. They are used in special risk situations, both preventively and operationally used, similar to the SWAT team of the U.S. police.

Known members

From the unit alone seven generals of the Croatian armed forces emerged: Mladen Markač, Mirko Norac, Miljenko Filipovic, Ante Roso, Stanko Sopta, Slavko Butorac and Željko Šačić