Lucretia Garfield

Lucretia Rudolph Garfield ( born April 19, 1832 in Hiram, Ohio, † March 14, 1918 in Pasadena, California ) was the wife of U.S. President James A. Garfield and in 1881 the First Lady of the United States.


Her father was Zeb Rudolph. Lucretia met her future husband when they both were at school. The two married on November 11, 1858.

1876 ​​died their son at the age of two years.

In May 1881 fell ill with malaria and undertook a cure to Long Branch. Meanwhile, she heard from the assassination of her husband and returned by train back to Washington. The train was involved in an accident, but Lucretia suffered no injuries. About three months later the President died as a result of gunshot wounds.

After his death she lived for 36 years in Ohio.