Ludeca of Mercia

Ludeca († 827 ) was King of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Mercia from 826 to 827 After the death of King Beornwulfs in the year 826, which had fallen during a campaign against the rebellious East Anglia, Ludeca was raised to be king of the Mercians. Before his accession to the throne Ludeca occurred in two documents Beornwulfs as dux ( Ealdorman ) in appearance. According to Stenton Ludeca was the first ruler of Mercia, who did not come from the original king of Mercia House. In a later source Ludeca is called a relative of his predecessor Beornwulfs, suggesting that he was the original royal family line connected. Only a year later he was killed during a battle in which he fought against the still rebellious East Anglia.