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In office Ludwigslust country twelve communities are united to perform their administrative business. The Office is located in the district of Ludwigsburg pleasure Parchim in Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ) and is bordered to the north by the state capital Schwerin. The headquarters Ludwig Lust itself is not official belonging.

Since January 1, 2005 include the municipalities of the former Office Rastow to the Official Ludwigslust country. The former municipality Fahrbinde was incorporated into the municipality Rastow. The former municipalities grief and Glaisin include from 1 January 2005 to Ludwiglust.

The municipalities with its districts

  • Old Krenzlin with Klein Krams, Krenz Liner Cabin, Loosen and New Krenzlin
  • Bresegard at Eldena
  • Göhlen
  • Great Laasch
  • Leussow with Kavelmoor
  • Lübesse with Ortkrug
  • Lüblow with New Lüblow
  • Rastow with Fahrbinde and Kraak
  • Sülstorf with Boldela and Sülte
  • Uelitz
  • Warlow
  • Wöbbelin with Dreenkrögen


For school education four primary schools ( Rastow, Wöbbelin, grief and Eldena ) and four regional schools ( Rastow, Malliß, Picher and Neustadt- Glewe ) are responsible. Secondary schools are in Doemitz and Stralendorf each with a cooperative Gesamtschule (KGS ) and Ludwig 's content with a high school there.

Fire protection

In total there are 19 fire departments, 18 of them with basic equipment and an in Rastow as a base defense. In the United Laasch a dangerous patrol car is kept, which is provided by the district.


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  • Office in Mecklenburg- Vorpommern
  • Ludwigslust County - Parchim