The county Ludwigslust - Parchim is a district in southwest Mecklenburg -Vorpommern. With 4752 km ² area of the circle formed by the same District Mecklenburg Lake District is the second largest district of Germany. He also has the lowest population density of the counties in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. County seat is Parchim. In Ludwig Lust is a branch of the administration.

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The circle area is bordered to the north by the county Northwest Mecklenburg, the state capital Schwerin and the Schwerin Lake, northeast to the county Rostock, on the east by the county of Mecklenburg Lake District, in the south of the Brandenburg Prignitz, on the southwest by the Lower Saxon counties Lüchow -Dannenberg and Lüneburg and to the northwest by the district of Lauenburg, in Schleswig- Holstein.

The density of lakes decreases from the Sternberg Lake District in the north- east over the Lewitz from up to Griese area in the southwest. Larger lakes are Lake Plau, the Schaalsee, the Goldberger Lake and the Great Sternberger lake. Striking are also the artificial fish ponds in the Lewitz. The Elde, which rises in the neighboring district Mecklenburg Lake District, stretching from Lake Plau to the southwest through the county, it takes the interference channel and smaller tributaries and branches at Eldena in the Elde - side channel and the Old Elde. The channel opens in Doemitz into the Elbe, which forms on two parts there and in Boizenburg / Elbe the border to Lower Saxony. Furthermore, the brews dehydrated with its tributaries Schaale and shields in the same and thus towards the North Sea.

The source of the Warnow lies north of the North Sea - Baltic Sea watershed in place Grebbin. In a bow to the river runs through the north-east of the circle, it takes the Mildenitz up and leaves the circle in the direction of Rostock and the Baltic Sea.

The highest elevations are the up to 176.8 m above sea level. NHN Ruhner high mountains at Marnitz in the south of the county. The mountain is Ruhner after the Helpter mountains the second highest elevation in the state of Mecklenburg -Vorpommern.


Already in 2009 a county government reform was provided in Mecklenburg- Vorpommern, in which the previous counties Parchim and Ludwig pleasure together with the district of North West Mecklenburg, Wismar and the planned county seat Schwerin should go up in a county West Mecklenburg. This planned county match the name and the extension after the statutory planning region of the country. These plans were stopped by constitutional complaints of several counties in a ruling by the country's Constitutional Court Greifswald 2007.

The due in 2011 the district reform could be carried out following the dismissal of the lawsuits filed by several counties. The preliminary schedule name of the new great circle was Southwest Mecklenburg County. Both former district towns were fighting for the preservation of the county seat, the parliament decided on 7 July 2010 for the inhabitants stronger city Parchim.

On the day of entry into force of Administrative Reform and simultaneously with the parliamentary election, the citizens elected the new county council and voted on the circle name. Here, 55.4 % of the voters decided with valid votes for the proposal of the previous Ludwigslust County Name County Ludwigslust - Parchim. Was to select the name Parchim -Ludwig pleasure.

Offices, cities and towns

( Population figures as at 31 December 2012)

Official Free communities

Offices with official member municipalities and cities * Head Office Management

  • 3 Office Doemitz - Malliß ( 8808 )
  • 4 Office Eldenburg Lübz ( 12,863 )
  • 5 Official Goldberg Mildenitz ( 7043 )
  • 7 Office Hagenow -Land ( 8524 ) [Seat: Hagenow ]
  • 8 Official Ludwigslust -Land ( 8362 ) [Seat: Ludwig Lust ]
  • 9 Office Neustadt- Glewe ( 7460 )

Ludwigsburg Lust

Old Castle Neustadt- Glewe

Monastery Dobbertin

Former watermill in New Kaliß

Field changes

  • Merger of the municipalities Grebbin and Herzberg - neoplasm of community Upper Warnow (1 January 2012 )
  • Resolution of the communities Diestelow and Wendish goods - incorporation to Goldberg ( 1 January 2012)
  • Resolution of the municipality Godern - incorporation to Pinnow (1 January 2012 )
  • Resolution of the municipality Groß Niendorf - incorporation to Zölkow (1 January 2012 )
  • Merger of the offices Banzkow, Crivitz (1992-2013) and Eastern Shore Lake Schwerin - formation of the Office Crivitz (1 January 2014)
  • Merger of the municipalities Karbow - Vietlübbe and Wahlstorf - neoplasm of community Gehlsbach (1 January 2014)



The county council of the county Ludwigslust - Parchim consists of 77 deputies. According to the result of the election on 4 September 2011, the district council is composed as follows:

The turnout was 54.2 %.


At the same time, held with the parliament and district election district election 45.7 % of the votes were cast in 53.9 % turnout on Rolf Christiansen ( SPD), the former District Administrator of the Ludwig pleasure, and 33% to Gudrun Stone (CDU ), still occurred candidates on the left and the NPD. Since no one won an absolute majority, a second ballot was held between the candidate of the SPD and the CDU candidate on September 18, 2011. It sat on a turnout of 29.1% by Rolf Christiansen with a vote share of 63.6 %.

Coat of arms

The newly established district still has no crest. The coat of arms of the district are included in the list of the coat of arms in the district of Ludwigsburg pleasure Parchim.

Economy and Transport


The economy of the district is heavily influenced by tourism.

Larger works include the tile works in Boizenburg / Elbe, the food manufacturer Carl Kühne KG and Danone in Hagenow, food manufacturers Oetker and Star Wywiol in Wittenburg.


Through the district of Ludwigsburg pleasure Parchim the Federal Highway 24 runs between Berlin and Hamburg. At junction Schwerin, the Federal Highway 14 branches off towards Schwerin and Wismar from. The gap closure of the A14 between Magdeburg and Schwerin is planned. By the district lead the federal highways 5, 103, 104, 106, 191, 192, 195, 198 and 321

In rail transport, the electrified and double major routes between Berlin and Hamburg, Ludwig Lust- Wismar and Schwerin Hagenow country - as well as the single-track, non-electrified branch lines Schwerin - Parchim Parchim -Ludwig lust and Parchim -Karow ( Neustrelitz ) are served. Only a few lines of trains running on the route Berlin -Hamburg ICE hold in Ludwig 's content.

The Müritz- Elde waterway and the Sturgeon Waterway are designated as federal waterways.

License Plate

Until 1 August 2013, only the indicator FO and PCH were released for the county. On this date, first, the new distinctive features LUP and secondly the characteristics of HGN, LBZ and STB were alternatively first issued.