Luge at the 1968 Winter Olympics

In the X. 1968 Olympic Games in Grenoble three competitions were held in luge. The natural track in Villard -de- Lans was exactly 1000 meters long, had 14 corners and overcame a height difference of 110 meters. All competitions had to be postponed several times due to warm temperatures or even had to be shortened.

Single Seater Men

1st and 2nd run: February 11, 07:00 clock 3rd Round: February 13, 08:00 clock

At the start were 50 luger from 14 countries, three had to give up or were disqualified. The original schedule could not be met, it was as follows: First and second run on February 8, third round on 10 February, the fourth race on February 12. The jury eventually decided against the fourth round.

Single Seater women

1st and 2nd run: February 11, 08:45 clock 3rd Round: February 13, 10:00 clock

It took 26 's women from ten countries participate in this competition, the four runs were originally scheduled on the same days as for a single race of men. Ortrun Enderlein, Anna -Maria Müller and Angela Knösel from the GDR were by three runs in the squares 1, 2 and 4 Shortly before the start of the third run of the Polish jury chairman Lucjan Świderski had carried out a random check and found that the runners of their carriage had been heated. This was banned in 1964 when a time advantage of about half a second can be achieved by heating. Enderlein, Müller and Knösel were subsequently disqualified by the jury. Since there is no fourth run more was discharged, the gold medal went to Erika Lechner, while Christa jewelry and Angelika Dünhaupt silver and bronze were awarded.


Date: February 18, 08:00 clock

This competition is open 28 sledders were involved in eight countries. Originally he was supposed to take place on February 15.

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