Lugnacco ( Lugné Piedmontese ) is a municipality with 385 inhabitants (as at 31 December 2012) in the Italian province of Turin (TO ), Region Piedmont.

Lugnacco is members of the mountain commune Comunità Montana Val Chiusella. The municipality consists of the villages Verna, Raghetto, Chiartano, Buracco and Lugnacco. The neighboring municipalities are Meugliano, Castellamontes, Alice Superiore, Fiorano Canavese, Pecco, Castelnuovo Nigra, Loranzè, Vistrorio, Parella and Quagliuzzo. The place is clean under the patronage of Mary.


The town is located 46 km from the provincial capital of Turin at an altitude of 540 m above sea level. The municipality covers an area of 4.82 km ².