Luigi Lo Cascio

Luigi Lo Cascio ( born October 20, 1967 in Palermo ) is an Italian actor.


Luigi Lo Cascio was born in Palermo in 1967. In the Sicilian capital, he grew up with four brothers and decided to follow in the footsteps of his great-grandfather and uncle to come and study medicine as well as they pursue a career as a psychiatrist. During his studies, Lo Cascio joined together with friends and street theater Ascelle (German: " armpit " ) in his hometown, where he was discovered in 1989 by theater director Federico Tiezzi. Tiezzi offered him a role in the staging of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, who led the amateur actors, among others, the Teatro Quirino in Rome or the Teatro Carignano in Turin. He quickly grew fond of the theater and broke his medical studies early to devote himself to a professional career as an actor can. Lo Cascio moved to Rome in 1992 and ended successfully his acting training at the National Art Academy Silvio D' Amico with Orazio Costa's staging of William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Self in the 1990s in numerous classical plays such as Alexandre Dumas ' The Lady of the Camellias (1992 ), Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (1996 ), Heinrich von Kleist's The Schroffenstein Family ( 1997) and Oscar Wilde's Salome (1998) followed. Lo Cascio harbors a fondness for the theater Luigi Pirandello, the Greek tragedy, but also the works of Samuel Beckett and Bertolt Brecht.

By the recommendation of his uncle Luigi Maria Burruano, also an actor, Lo Cascio came in 2000 starring in Marco Tullio Giordanas feature film 100 steps. The crime drama follows the lives of the Sicilian politician Giuseppe " Peppino " Impastato who stood among other things, a self-financed free radio station against the Mafia and this 1978 paid with his life. 100 steps was granted with audiences and critics international success. The film was in 2001 nominated for a Golden Globe, while Lo Cascio in the same year for his feature film debut as Giuseppe Impastato, which was characterized by the Frankfurter Rundschau as " trinity" of Rudi Dutschke, Werner Enke and Roberto Benigni, the David di Donatello, the major Italian film award received. Seamlessly continued the success of the actor a year later with the title role in Giuseppe Piccioni's the light of my eyes ( 2001). In the quiet, melancholy love story of Italian mimes the Roman chauffeur Antonio, who identifies himself with heroes of science fiction novels and in the single mother and the life of defiant Stoikerin Maria meets the love of his life. Lo Cascio received at the premiere of the light of my eyes at the Film Festival in Venice in 2001, together with co-star Sandra Ceccarelli won the Coppa Volpi for Best Actor and continued to defend yourself against such established actors such as Ben Kingsley ( The Triumph of Love ), or Gael García Bernal ( Y Tu Mamá También - lust for Life) by.

After the success of 100 steps and light of my eyes Luigi Lo Cascio became a " shooting star " of Italian cinema. Followed in 2002 with Cristina Comencinis Italian Family History The most beautiful day in my life again next Ceccarelli, the role of the homosexual son of Virna Lisi, who conceals his love for men. 2003 Lo Cascio worked with Marco Tullio Giordana back together on The Best Years. The film, originally conceived as a four-part television for the state television RAI shows the political and social development of Italy from the sixties up to the present the example of a family and came in two parts à three hours in the cinema. As a contrasting pair of brothers Lo Cascio and his compatriot Alessio Boni dominated the scene, which were later honored with the rest of the male ensemble cast with the Nastro d' Argento of Sindacato Nazionale Giornalisti Cinematografici Italiani. By 2006, followed by six more film productions in which Lo Cascio was mainly represented with major roles, including Buongiorno, notte - The case of Aldo Moro (2003 ), Marco Bellocchio's workup of the kidnapping case Aldo Moro in the 1970s, and the new collaboration with Giuseppe Piccioni and Sandra Ceccarelli on the film within a film drama the life that I always wanted (2004 ), in which Lo Cascio is seen as amorous and later egomaniacal star of a costume drama. In 2009 he played with at Baaria.

Luigi Lo Cascio lives in Rome and is married to the editor Desideria Rayner since 2006.


  • 2000: 100 steps (I cento passi )
  • 2001: Light of my Eyes ( Luce dei miei occhi )
  • 2002: The best day of my life ( Il più bel giorno della mia vita )
  • 2003: The Best Years (La meglio gioventù )
  • 2003: Buongiorno, notte - The case of Aldo Moro ( Buongiorno, notte )
  • 2003: Mio cognato
  • 2004: Eyes of Crystal ( Occhi di cristallo )
  • 2004: The life I always wanted (La vita che vorrei )
  • 2005: La bestia nel cuore
  • 2006: Mare nero
  • 2007: Il dolce e l' amaro
  • 2008: Sanguepazzo
  • 2008: Buffalo Soldiers '44 - The Miracle of St. Anna
  • 2009: Gli amici del bar Margherita
  • 2009: Baaria
  • 2010: Noi credevamo


David di Donatello

  • 2001: Best Actor for 100 steps
  • 2002: nominated for Best Actor for the light of my eyes
  • 2004: nominated for Best Actor for The Best Years of

European Film Awards

  • 2002: nominated for the Audience Award for Best Actor for the light of my eyes
  • 2003: nominated for Best Actor for The Best Years of


Sindacato Nazionale Giornalisti Cinematografici Italiani

  • 2001: Nastro d' Argento nominated for the Best Actor for hundreds of steps
  • 2004: Nastro d' Argento Best Actor for The Best Years of
  • 2011: Nastro d' Argento for the year Noi credevamo ( together with the ensemble cast and crew )

International Film Festival of Venice

  • 2001: Volpi Cup and Pasinetti Award for Best Actor for the light of my eyes