Luigi Maifredi

Luigi "Gigi" Maifredi ( born April 20, 1947 in Lograto (BS ), Italy ) is a former Italian football coach, who now works for the Italian television.

Coaching career

Luigi Maifredi gained his first experience as a coach in amateur club Orceana Calcio in Orzinuovi, whom he led to the Serie C2.

He then trained and rose to Ospitaletto with this team that played under him a better offensive football in the Serie C1. Luigi Maifredi himself called his quick and dynamic football Calcio Champagne, because he thought that this was just as short-tempered and foaming like the French drink.

During his coaching career further, he later oversaw the FC Bologna, which he led from the Serie B to Serie A in the 1987/88 season. In the following season he even reached a UEFA Cup place with the movers and was therefore obliged later Luca Cordero di Montezemolo of as manager of Juventus for the 1990/91 season.

After Maifredis great rise of the lowlands of the Italian amateur football until the coach of Juventus chair nothing but a great season was expected of him. But this started with a 1:5 defeat in the Supercup match at Napoli very bad and ended with the seventh place in the table in Serie A, with which one could not even qualify for the European Cup. Maifredi was released back on at Juve.

This means that the bad times began in Luigi Maifredis coaching career, he was at FC Bologna, Genoa CFC, the AC Venice, Brescia Calcio, Espérance Sportive de Zarzis in Tunisia and Albacete Balompié in Spain each hired and later fired again.

In the 2000 /01 season, he wanted to start over again at AC Reggiana in Serie C1, but even there he was dismissed on 23 October 2000 after a 1:4 defeat against Antonio Cabrinis AC Arezzo again.

In 2003, he retired completely from the coach business and worked for the football program " che il calcio Quelli " RAI in which the Maifredi team, a small team of former professionals, the gates of the Serie A stalked again.

In the season 2004/ 05, the President of Lazio, Claudio Lotito wanted to commit him as a replacement for the dismissed Domenico Caso, but after a week back and forth decided this then for Giuseppe Papadopulo.