Luis Rijo

Luis Alberto Rijo (* September 28, 1927, † 8 May 2001 relating Rivera ) was a Uruguayan football player.


The striker was at least 1950 in the squad of the Uruguayan first division Central.


Rijo was a member of the Uruguayan national football team, took their part in the World Cup in 1950 and became world champion. However, he was not used in the course of the tournament. He was intended for the substitute role for Oscar Omar Miguez during the tournament.


Rijo died on 8 May 2001 at his residence in Rivera, however, was buried in the Panteon de los Montevideo Olímpicos in the cemetery of Buceo.


  • World Champion (1950 )


In December 2005, the Uruguayan Post issued a stamp for the 100th anniversary of the founding Central espanols that was provided with the likenesses of Rijo, Víctor Rodríguez Andrade and Juan López. These were the three protagonists, who had represented the club at the 1950 World Cup.