Lukas Hilbert

Lukas Hilbert ( born December 23, 1972 in Hamburg ) is a German composer, lyricist, music producer and singer.


His career Hilbert began as a 12- year-old when his brother Kieran moved him (guitar and vocals) with drummer Maik Buchenwald establishing the band "The Future". Along with Frank Bannöhr (saxophone), he toured under the management of his father Erwin Hilbert throughout Germany until Udo Lindenberg brothers Hilbert came in to the panic Orchestra and the father Lindesbergs was secretary. At the same time founded Lukas Hilbert with his brother Kieran the Hard Rock Band " Hauden & Luke " and settled with long hair as " Germany's youngest rockers " and " illegitimate son Lindenberg's " market. Together with Lindenberg he also began to write songs. In 1991, a joint effort the Lindenberg album I want to have you, for this was awarded a gold disc. It was followed by two solo albums by Hilbert, but only a little sold.

His first big hit landed Hilbert with the text for the single You need to be a pig, with the Prince in 1995 the top 10 in the German single charts reached. For flowers, he wrote in 1996 Boomerang and other tracks.

In 1996 he founded the band in Hamburg " raw ". With the third and final album by the band ROHmantisch in early 2000, also a commercial success. Following a joint single with Peter Maffay, the band broke up. From 1996 to 1997 he worked at the Magic Peter Ehrlich show.

Since then emerged many other songs, including for Nena and Vicky Leandros. In 2003 he produced for Oli.P whose Newborn Singles and Everything changes on the Hilbert also sang himself. In the same year he was responsible for the hits of the Big Brother candidates Ulf and Hella, as well as the "Big Brother Allstars " all of which reached the top 10. Finally he landed in May 2003 as a copywriter that produced by Dieter Bohlen for Yvonne Elliman single For you first time at No. 1 on the German single charts.

2004 Hilbert took a second attempt to launch a solo career as a singer. His first single, What I Like About You 2004 reached number 3 on the German singles charts in December. For the promotion of his career, Hilbert took part in the talent show Popstars the private broadcaster ProSieben as a jury member. He was also one of the producers of the winning band Nu Pagadi that went with her debut song Sweetest Poison at number one in the German Single Charts, a short time later, however, disbanded. Hilbert wrote the texts and produced the album for Peter Maffay loud and soft, and had in February 2005, three albums on the charts.

On 10 January 2005 Lukas Hilbert released his solo album titled The King I am, which debuted at number 21 on the album charts. With his single my love Do not come with you to joined the 1.59 meter tall singer in organized by Stefan Raab Federal Vision Song Contest with violent "Boo " Call for the state of Bremen and finished with 31 points in eleventh place. In the sales charts but it was the third most successful title of the competition.

The end of 2006 he wrote the Top 10 hit Remind me to forget you for the singer Yvonne Elliman.

The single whole world appeared on November 3, 2006 - a duet with his then partner, Katerina Loulé, called Tryna which he met by pop stars. Loulé was one of the candidates.

In December 2006, he sang along with Peter Maffay, Udo Jürgens, José Carreras and Piero Masuchett the opening song of the José Carreras Gala 2006 In Thee is still a light, he has also composed and texted. Furthermore, he participated in Stefan Raab's TV total parallel slalom in St. Anton am Arlberg part.

On 3 May 2007 Lukas Hilbert occurred at the Comet Awards in Cologne as award presenter and presented the award to the group Silvermoon City in the category " Best Song " for the best.

Lukas Hilbert heard since the second season of Karaoke Show shibuya on VIVA for local jury.

On 10 December 2007, the 33 Lausch Lounge took place in Hamburg's St. Catherine's Church. The artists here reduced their sound on acoustic versions and were sometimes on without tape. Lukas Hilbert participated here to get away from his pop star image.

2008 Lukas Hilbert wrote the theme song to Peter Maffay album Everlasting.

2010 Lukas Hilbert made ​​the step in English-speaking countries and managed in the same year as a composer and producer at # 3 in the UK charts with the girl group The Saturdays and the title of Missing You. The title also managed to place one of the UK airplay charts.

From October to December 2010 was Lukas Hilbert alongside Volker Neumüller in the reality docu-soap LAX - Follow " The Black Pony " on Viva to see it again on TV. Here originated from four teenagers pop - rock band The Black Pony. In December 2010, their first single Boys Are Crazy, which was written and produced in addition to Hilbert by Michael Gerrard, Alexander Kronlund and Charlie Midnight, was released and reached number 69 in the German single charts.

2011 Lukas Hilbert produced the most successful Asian girl group Wonder Girls feat. Akon. The title is called Like Money and was also written by Lukas Hilbert.

2012 produced Max Martin and Lukas Hilbert Carly Rae Jepsen together the title Tonight I'm Getting over You. The title was written by Lukas Hilbert, Max Martin, Tryna Loulé, Shiloh and Clarence Coffee.

2012 was Lukas Hilbert logger to the Ke $ ha song All That Matters ( The Beautiful Life ), together with K. Sebert, Max Martin, Shellback, Savan Kotecha and Alexander Kronlund.

2012 produced Lukas Hilbert Chris Brown single Nobody's Perfect. The title was written by Lukas Hilbert, Showtek, David Jost and Kasia Livingston. Co - producers are Showtek and David Jost.