Lukáš Konečný

Lukáš Konečný ( born July 19, 1978 in Brno ) is a Czech professional boxer, former European Champion and current EBU European champion of the WBO middleweight.


Lukáš Konečný won 230 of 257 amateur fights and was 5 times Czech champion. In the 14th European Junior 1995 in Hungary, he won the silver medal in the lightweight. He had defeated Petri Palomäki from Finland, Traian Kocev from Macedonia, Patrick Mowgray from Ireland and Vladimir Khodakovskiy from Ukraine, before the Romanians Dorel Simion lost the final.

At the 9th World Championship at Budapest in 1997, he defeated the Canadians Jeremy Molitor, the Poland Jacek Bielski and Gerry Legras of the Seychelles before he again the Romanians Dorel Simion defeated in the semifinals and thus successfully fought the bronze medal in the light welterweight. Also at the World Championship 1999 in Houston, he was able to win the bronze medal in the light welterweight. He beat Michael Strange from Canada, Sahib Bagirov from Azerbaijan and Diógenes Luna from Cuba, before he lost against the Uzbeks Muhammadqodir Abdullayev.

In 2000 he represented the Czech Republic at the 27th Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, where he does it in the first round was eliminated against the Algerian Mohamed Allalou.

Results of other international tournaments (selection)

  • November 1995: 1st place in the Light Welterweight at the 4th Junior Grand Prix in Slovakia (Final win over Alexey Isayev )
  • March 1998: 1st place in the Light Welterweight at the 29th Grand Prix Usti in the Czech Republic (Final victory against Jacek Bielski )
  • September 1998: 1st place in the Light Welterweight at 31 Vaclav Prochazka Tournament in the Czech Republic (Final victory against Tibor Rafael )
  • March 1999: 1st place in the Light Welterweight at the 30th Grand Prix Usti in the Czech Republic (Final victory against Tibor Rafael )
  • June 1999: 2nd place in the Welterweight Giraldo Cordova Cardin Tournament for the 32nd in Cuba ( final defeat by Lorenzo Aragon )
  • November 1999: 3rd place in the Light Welterweight at the 14th Ahmet Comert Tournament in Turkey ( fight Loser exit in the semifinals )
  • March 2000: 2nd place at Light Welterweight at the 28th Chemistry Cup in Germany (Final defeat against Kay huste )
  • March 2001: 1st place in the Light Welterweight at the 32nd Grand Prix Usti in the Czech Republic (Final victory against Assan Seksenbayev )

Professional career

Since June 2001 Konečný is professional. He stands at Magdeburg SES stable under contract.

After eight gained construction disputes, he pushed on 13 April 2002 in Ilse castle at the International German Championship titles in the light middleweight against the Albanians Artur Drinaj and won by KO in the third round. The title he defended then twice prematurely against Khoren maneuver.

On October 17, 2003, he won by unanimous points victory against Frenchman Aziz Daari the EU title EBU light middleweight. On 10 September 2004, he lost the title in Madrid by concise point decision ( split decision ) to the Spaniard Ruben Varon ( 24-3 ).

On 20 September 2005, he was with a knockout win against Brazilian Anderson Clayton ( 19-3 ), Intercontinental Champion WBO Light Middleweight, but failed in March 2006 in the battle for the European EBU by point defeat against Michele Piccirillo ( 44 - 3).

However, in May 2006, he won by points victory against Ante Bilic ( 15-0 ) the Intercontinental Championship title the IBF and defeated, you still Mehdi Azri ( 12-4 ) and Roman Dzhuman ( 23-3 ).

On 26 April 2008, he boxed in Dresden against Serhiy Dsindsiruk ( 34-0 ) for the world championship title of the WBO light middleweight, losing by decision point. In March 2009 he again won the European title by the EBU points victory against Jimmy Colas ( 26-4 ).

On 18 September 2010 he defeated Matthew Hall ( 23-2 ) by KO in the sixth round, and thus became European champion in the EBU light middleweight. The title he defended subsequently by point victories against the Swiss Hamlet Petrosyan ( 29-6 ) and the French Hussein Bayram ( 34-3 ).

On April 5, 2012, he was in Brno by a knockout win against Frenchman Salim Larbi, interimer world champion WBO light middleweight. His second attempt to secure the WBO championship belt failed on October 6, 2012 by Point defeat Zaurbek Bajsangurow.


His father Milan Konečný was up in the year 2004 is also a professional boxer and, among other opponents of Thomas Ulrich and Alexander Petkovic. Lukáš Konečný has been married since 2003 and has a daughter (* 2003). The end of 2005 was still a girl twin pair to.