Luke Campbell (boxer)

Luke Campbell ( born September 27, 1987 in Kingston upon Hull ) is an English boxer. It was in Liverpool in 2008 European Champion Amateur Bantamweight, 2011 in Baku Vice World Champion and London 2012 Olympic champion in the bantamweight


Luke Campbell grew up in Hull and is a member of St. Paul 's ABC Hull. He started there at a young age with the boxes and is trained in his club by Mick Bromby. Already in the junior age he was one of the best English amateur boxers bantamweight.

In 2006 he was employed at the Junior Championship of the European Union in Rome bantamweight and in the same year also at the Junior World Championships in Agadir. But at both events, he lost his first fight in each case. In Rome against Ryan Lindberg from Ireland and in Agadir against Santosh Singh from India.

In 2007, Luke Campbell English ABA champion (ABA = Amateur Boxing Association), so English champion in the senior bantamweight. In the final he defeated while Ryan Walsh with 20:17 points. In the same year he also proved to be the " Golden Gong " Tournament in Skopje, because he won there this international tournament with wins over the Macedonians Zekir Zekiri and Veli Mumin.

Luke Campbell, who is the amateur boxer since 2006 member of the England national team, and constantly improved. This was primarily beside his home trainer Mick Bromby the England coach Terry Edwards. In 2008 he was re- ABA bantamweight champion with a win in the final over Gareth Smith, he auspunktete with 23:1 hits. At the Olympic Games in 2008, Luke Campbell did not but used. He was preferred to Joseph Murray ( boxer ), who finished 3rd at the World Championships in Chicago in 2007.

Return, he was in November 2008 at the European Championships in Liverpool at the start against. He justified this trust fully, because he won the bantamweight sequentially about Nikola Magovac from Serbia on points ( 7:1), then beat the Olympic bronze medalists Vyacheslav Goschan from Moldova to points, then beat Eduard Absalimow from Russia just after points ( 3:2 ). Then he got the better of Denis Makarov from Germany on points ( 4-1) and defeated in the final Detelin Dalakliew from Bulgaria on points. He thus became the first European Champion of the English amateur boxer for 47 years.

In 2009, Luke Campbell competed at the World Championships in Milan. He already lost there but his second fight against the Mongols Inderkhuu Enkhjargal on points and got away with it only to 17th place. In the EU championships in the same year Campbell brought after a semi-final defeat against John Joe Nevin, Ireland ( 2:13 ) the bronze medal.

In the English Championship 2010 Campbell resigned from the semi-final against Ryan Farrag, but could show a little later with a win at the Nations Cup in Vienna in better shape. The later inaugural championships in Britain won Campbell confidently with a final victory against Iain Weaver.

2011 started for Campbell with tournament victories at Bocskai Memorial in Debrecen, where he Filip Barak, Czech Republic ( 7:1 ), Robert Konnyu, Hungary ( 7:1), Razvan Andreiana, Romania ( 7:1) and Krisztian Nagy, Hungary ( 8: 5 ) suggested, and when Algirdas Socikas Tournament in Kaunas, with victories against Vaidas Zubrikovas, Lithuania ( 17:4 ), Nurali Aliyev, Russia ( 12:7 ) and Dennis Ceylan, Denmark ( 12:7 ). These take place in the back, he participated in the European Championships 2011 in Ankara, but could his success of 2008 after victories against Dmitrijs Gutmans, Latvia ( 20:6 ) and Bashir Hassan, Sweden (WO ) and a quarter- final defeat by Furkan Meniz Ulas Turkey, ( 9:12 ), not repeat them.

At the 2011 World Championships, it was far better for Campbell and he had to after victories against Rahim Najafov, Azerbaijan ( 17:7 ), Razvan Andreiana, Romania ( 17:7 ), Mohamed Amine Oudahi, Algeria ( 11:9 ), Detelin Dalakliew, Bulgaria ( 12:8 ) and John Joe Nevin, Ireland ( 12:12 ) defeated the strong Cuban Lázaro Álvarez until the final pass ( 10:14 ). He thus won the silver medal in the featherweight and a quota place for the 2012 Olympics in London.

In preparation for the Olympic Games 2012 in Campbell launched two international tournaments in Sofia and in Kaunas with the participation of other Olympians. He suggested babei et al Ibrahim Balla, Australia ( 13:4 ) and Robenilson de Jesus, Brazil ( 12:10 ), but lost to the champion Lazaro Alvarez ( 9:16 ). At the Olympic Games in London, he defeated Vittorio Parrinello from Italy ( 11:9 ), Detelin Dalakliew ( 16:15 ), Satoshi Shimizu from Japan ( 20:11 ) and John Joe Nevin ( 14:11 ) and thus became Olympic champion.

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  • OS = The Olympic Games, World Cup WM = EM = Championship
  • Weight classes for 2010: Light Flyweight to 48 kg to 51 kg flyweight, bantamweight and featherweight to 54 kg to 57 kg body weight;

Since 2011: Flyweight to 49 kg Bantam weight to 52 kg, and featherweight to 56 kg body weight ( redistricting was required by the IOC of the AIBA because of the introduction of the Women's boxing in the Olympics, it had the weight categories in the men be reduced to two. ).


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