Luminous infrared galaxy

An infrared galaxy radiates more energy in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum from together than with all other wavelengths.

Depending on the brightness in the wavelength range 8-1000 microns such galaxies in luminous ( about 1011 solar luminosities, abbreviation LIRG ), ultra -luminous ( about 1012 ULIRG ) and hyper -luminous ( about 1013, HLIRG ) infrared galaxies are divided. Their luminosity in the infrared can be more than one hundred times the luminosity in visible light. Your energy sources are numerous young stars in starbursts and, especially in the most luminous objects, matter incidence of a black hole in an active galactic nucleus.

Infrared galaxies in the local universe have been discovered in large numbers by IRAS. Among the best known infrared galaxies include Messier 82 and Arp 220 Since the 1990s, we know from recordings in the mid-infrared and sub- mm range, even infrared galaxies in the early universe.