Lumix is the brand name for the digital cameras of Panasonic Corporation. The product spectrum ranges from simple and sophisticated compact cameras on bridge cameras to DSLR and system cameras. Since 2001, many Lumix cameras are equipped with lenses from Leica. These lenses are developed in the framework of a cooperation agreement between Panasonic and Leica in Germany and made ​​in Japan. Some Lumix cameras are also available in almost structurally identical form of Leica to buy.

Model lines

Compact cameras

Compact stylish, creative

Compact Standard

Tough Outdoor

Super Zoom

Cameras with interchangeable lens

System Cameras


Model overview (selection)

Note: For system cameras DMC- G1, DMC -L1 and DMC -L10 The lenses can replace. The figures relate to the standard lens. When the cameras TZ6 TZ7 1.2 and cheap batteries have been blocked by other manufacturers for firmware.