Luna Park (Buenos Aires)

The Luna Park (Spanish: Luna, Moon ' ) is an indoor stadium at the San Nicolás neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is used for various kinds of events, from sports to music, used. It was founded in 1932, initially built without factory roof and shortly thereafter provided with a roof. The Luna Park is located between the running in a north-south direction road Bouchard and Avenida Eduardo Madero and between the running east -west direction Avenida Corrientes and Lavalle street close to the harbor area of Puerto Madero.

The 2013 deceased owner Ernestina Lectoure inherited the Luna Park on the Argentine Caritas and the Salesians.


In Luna Park et al found more than 20 championship boxing matches, world championships in volleyball and basketball, tennis tournaments, bicycle races and circus instead, in 1989, the wedding of Diego Maradona.

The German punk rock band Die Toten Hosen played on 18 October 2003, before a packed house of 8,000 spectators (for security 2,000 tickets were sold less than the capacity hergibt ). As the opening act came on the Argentine punk band Los Violadores.

In the years 2006, 2007 and 2008, the majority of programs on the Luna Park is the occasion of the renovation of the most important theater of Buenos Aires, the Teatro Colón, played.