Lundtoft Municipality

Lundtoft municipality was a municipality in Jutland Office ( Northern Schleswig ), Denmark. It was built in the 1970 local government reform by the merger of the parish communities (Danish: Sogn ) Kliplev, Felsted and Varnæs. On 1 January 2007 it was dissolved and its three parish churches were part of the new municipality with 60,000 inhabitants in the center of Aabenraa.


In the Middle Ages Kliplev and Felsted were (but not Varnæs, see its own story in the main article Varnæs ) part of a Harde in the Duchy of Schleswig, the first ( in 1231 in Erdbuch of King Waldemar II ) was Kliplevharde, but soon after the small town Lundtoft in the parish Kliplev was named. Kliplevs church was an important place of pilgrimage. Center of the Harde, the castle was Søgård ( Seegard ). However, this came in the 14th century aristocratic possession. Almost the entire Harde then became part of a Gutskomplex, who until 1722 was to be the largest in the whole of Schleswig. The gorgeous country remaining remnants of Lundtoftharde were despite geographical distance the Office assumed Tønder, although the sovereign castles in Flensburg, Aabenraa and Sønderborg were much closer.

Only in 1850 the Lundtoftharde arose again as a closed district, where three years later, the last goods were incorporated. At the same time she came to the office Aabenraa, which was allowed to continue after the conquest of Schleswig by Prussia as a county in unchanged borders. 1871 all of Schleswig -Holstein was divided into small rural communities. The inclusion of North Schleswig in Denmark in 1920 led to the establishment of the parish communities. In 1970, the municipality Lundtoft was rather out of embarrassment due to lack of unity of the neighboring communities. Due to the strange form it is mocked in Denmark as bananas municipality. Between the communities Kliplev and Felsted namely a very narrow geographical connection with the now insignificant village Lundtoft while Varnæs appears as the Eastern appendage at Felsted. Due to the location and the tradition as old Hardeszentrum the uneven shaped municipality was named after Lundtoft, the town hall, however, came after Felsted.

Economy and Transport

In Kliplev the E 45 highway takes you past that here on the important east -west highway Tinglev - Sønderborg has a connection point. By Lundtoft and Søgård leads the road Flensburg- Aabenraa.

The railway from Tinglev to Sønderborg, although only one track, but electrified and offers activities such as direct intercity every two hours to Odense and Copenhagen. While the station is so well connected in Kliplev, the stations lie still in Behrendorf and Lundtoft since 1974. The Apenrader circular path, which had linked the two eastern municipalities, there is no longer since 1926.